Centre of Digital Creativity (CCD), Escola das Artes, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Foz Campus (GPS: +41° 9' 11.57", -8° 40' 17.98"), Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327 4169-005 Porto, Portugal.

Facing the big lodges of port wine to which it gave its name across the river Douro, Porto is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was born and developed itself during the Middle Age years and it keeps an interesting Historical Centre which was classified by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Despite its ancient roots, which have been preserved with pride, the city is now a modern one with a lively commerce and some importance as an industrial center. With a population of about 300.000, Porto is the country's second most important city in terms of economic output and cultural influence. With a well-known gastronomy and hospitable population, its monuments and museums, Porto cultural agenda has been steadily improving. The Catholic University of Portugal in Porto began its activities in 1978 with the College of Law and comprises, at present, 13 degree programs, distributed among the two campi situated in the city of Porto: The Asprela and the Foz Campus.

  • The “Asprela Campus”, located in the eastern part of the city, comprises the “Faculty of Biotechnology” and the “Institute of Health Sciences”, which offers several programs concerning these fields of study.
  • Located by the “Foz Velha”, the “Foz Campus”, encompasses six Schools: the “Law School”; the “School of Economics and Management”, the “College of Theology”, the “School of Arts” and the “Faculty of Education and Psychology” as well as the Institute of Bioethics and offers numerous degree and post-degree programs.

The Catholic University of Portugal in Porto is a reference University, whose quality of education is nationally and internationally recognized. We develop our activities based on innovation practices and quality assurance, continually monitoring opportunities and changing needs. Porto living costs is fairly inexpensive when compared with other equal size European cities.