Multi-purpose Auditorium for Cinema, Music, Sound Performances and General Events

The Ilídio Pinho Auditorium (AIP) is a large Auditorium with capacity for 470 seats Seated, divided between audience, 1st balcony and 2nd balcony; - Stage with 15 x 13 m (195m2 including backstage); - Projection Screen with 9 x 5 m; - Projection system of digital technology DCP * (Projector NEC 2K, 8000 Lumens); - Dolby Surround sound system with 24 speakers; - Capacity for 18,000 watts of illumination; - Digital Recording and / or Streaming on Régie de TV;

* The DCP (Digital Cinema Package) system is a prime technology for cinematic projection, allowing the display of contents with high quality of sound and image.

Exhibition Room

The CCD is also equipped with a fully-equipped Exhibition Room with 125.40 m2 (11.40m x 10m). From photography and painting exhibitions, to immersive video and sound art installations, the Exhibition’s Room can be used in a broad-range of settings, according to the most appropriate fashion. Artists such as Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, Nuno da Luz, Salomé Lamas, Francisco Tropa and João Paulo Feliciano already exhibited there.

Motion Capture (MoCap) Lab

This 60 m2 studio is equipped with: a Vicon Motion Capture System; ten Vicon T40S-NR18, 4 Mega pixel cameras; full body suits and equipment for MoCap; two Dell T7500 Workstations; two High Speed Video Cameras; twelve GigE Gigabit Ethernet with 210 FPS frame rates; and a 25m3 service lift with direct access to the outdoor parking lot. This Lab also includes a 16.1 Genelec speaker sound system for multichannel sound reproduction, which can be used for surround interactive sound projects.

Digital and Interactive Arts Lab

This 50 m2 acoustically treated lab has a Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano Robotic Performance System, a Notomoton Percussion Robot, two Reactable Live and one Reactable Media Bench Systems, various Microsoft Kinects, Nintendo Wiimotes, LeapMotion sensors, Webcameras, Arduino and Raspberry Pi systems, and various sensors and actuators for Digital and Interactive Digital Projects. It includes a 30m2 atelier for hardware and electronics projects.

Surround Music and Sound Recording and Mixing Studio

A 50 m2 acoustically treated studio regie with: an ICON 64 Fader D- Control ES Bundle System; Pro Tools HD with 16 preamplified inputs; 7.1 Blue Sky preamplified sound monitors with Sky System One 5.1 + two SAT 12 monitors; Hardware Dolby Surround (DP570 - Multichannel Audio Tool, DP564 - Multichannel Audio Decoder, DP570 - Multichannel Dolby Digital Enc.); and sound synthesis software, including Waves Diamond, Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate and Vienna Symphonic Orchestra.

Video Production Systems for Cinema, TV, Videomapping and Outdoors Video Productions

CDD has a Sony Anycast Station AWS-G500HD portable video switching and audio mixing system, two Panasonic – AW-HE100E Robotic Cameras, one Sony Digital Cinema F3 camera, three Sony HD EX1 cameras, a Barco FLM HD14 Projector (14.000 ANSI Lumen), 3 Sony VPL-FH35 HD Video Projects (5400 ANSI Lumen). Video editing and post-production software licenses include Apple Final Cut X, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Resolume Arena 4, (also available in the 7 CCD video editing cells).

TV, Cinema and Chroma-Keying Studio

This 50m2 Video Recording studio includes a Chroma-Keying wall, a camera crane, and a high ceiling, where a lighting grid is installed. This studio is equipped with several lighting systems, including a recent state-of-the-art DEDOLIGHT led lighting system for motion picture, television, still photography, architectural lighting and fine art display. It also includes a 10m2 analogic TV regie (which at some point should be upgrade to a digital solution, with capacity for live webTV productions).

Sound and Video Production Cells

The CCD has 10 sound and video production cells (~10m2 each), which include audio and video computer workstations installed with industry standard software (Apple Final Cut X, AVID ProTools 10, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop,  etc.), where sound and video editing and postproduction projects can be developed. Most cells include a small sound recording booth for simple tasks as voice overs, narration recording, etc.

3D Computer Modeling and Animation Lab

The CCD has a 3D Computer Modeling and Animation Lab, equipped with 10 high-performance workstations, inlcuding Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets, and installed with industry standard and state-of-the-art software (e.g. AUTODESK Maya, Smoke, V-Ray, Nuke; Unity 4, Blender).

Digital Photography Lab

The CCD has a small Digital Photograpy Lab, equipped with a large format photo-quality plotter, 2 high-performance workstations with calibrated 21’ ands 27’ LCD screens, and  industry standard software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, etc.). The studio includes 5 CANON EOS6D cameras (with assorted lenses).