Intermedia extension and sustainability within the framework of mixed music: image, improvisation, preservation and "recasting"

CITAR - Research Center for Science and Technology in Art
School of Arts | Catholic University of Portugal
April 21st, 2012 – Aud. A5

In the context of mixed music there are extensions arising from the interaction between traditional practices and digital technology. In fact, we are witnessing both the expansion of forms of expression crossing different medias, including image and sound, and the development of hybrid ensembles (laptop and traditional instruments) directed towards the practice of improvisation leads to situations where the boundaries between composition, improvisation, instrument and technology become uncertain.
These points connect with problematic around the preservation or particularly the "recasting" of mixed music works (especially in the case of "live electronics").
Taking as its starting point the three axes adopted in the first meeting in March 2011 in Paris, this meeting will focus on:


I. Morning:
9h30 - 10h00 - Presentation
Anne SŹdes, António de Sousa Dias, Paulo Ferreira Lopes

10h00 - 12h30 - Conferences "Mixed Music 1"
CČndido Lima
Do mundo fictício ao mundo real da electrónica. Autonomia e complementaridade. O compositor-executante: pensamentos simultČneos; Experiźncia pessoal
Ricardo Guerreiro
Computer mediated networks in electroacoustic music performance and composition
António de Sousa Dias, José Luis Marques Ferreira
Jean-Claude Risset’s Inharmonique (1977): recasting mixed music - a progress report
Anne SŹdes
Musiques visuelles : extension du domaine de la mixité
II. Afternoon:
14h30 - 16h30 - Conferences " Mixed Music 2"
Jean-Claude Risset
Acoustic and Digital Sounds : Encounters of the Third Kind
Guilherme Carvalho
Expressiveness by micro-variations
Carlos Zíngaro
Solo or anti-solo: Acoustic versus electroacoustic real time processing or the importance of acoustically “interactive” spaces

17h00 - 17h30 - Conference "Hors thŹme"
António de Sousa Dias, Sofia Lourenćo, André Perrotta, Samuel Van Ransbeck
Duet for one pianist de Jean Claude Risset: the 2012 version"

17h30 - 18h00 - Closing session

III. Soirée - Concert Jean-Claude Risset (Festival B&W - Closing ceremony)
21:45 - "Duos pour un(e) pianiste" - Jean-Claude Risset
Piano: Sořa Lourenćo
Live electronics: André Perrotta & Samuel Van Ransbeeck

Information contact: sousa.dias [ at ] wanadoo [.] fr


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