From May 22 to 25, 2013 the School of Arts from the Portuguese Catholic University - Porto opens its doors to monochromatic aesthetics. The 10th Black & White Audiovisual Festival, which receives video, audio and photographs in black and white, will take into competition works from all over the world.

With unique worldwide characteristics this initiative grew from the need to answer to the audience's growing sensitivity to black & white specificity, leaving behind the prejudice that relates this aesthetics with works of early cinema.

But the festival shows more than videos and photos in two colours, it also encourages the creation of sound environments referring to the black and white.

Over four days, several activities related to the audiovisual world will be carried out in addition to the competitions: artist talks, screenings and extensions from other international festivals. The nights will also be exciting with a broad cultural program.
Concurso de Arte Interactiva - Interfaces

In its 10th anniversary the Black & White Festival welcomes iNTERFACES - Interactive Art Competition. During the 10th International Audiovisual Festival Black&White at the School of the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University the winners will be presented to the general public and participating artists. More information can be found at competition website:
Black&White and iNTERFACES are eagerly waiting for your presence.

Black&White WEBTV

Check the 10th Black & White Audiovisual Festival winners list
Selected works for the 2013 competition.
iNTERFACES Interactive Art Competition - deadline for submissions: March 31, 2013

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