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November 5th 2012
School of Arts / CCD Catholic University of Portugal

Invited Speakers

COST Project - Prof. Klaus Genuit
Complexity of Sound Engineering with Respect to E-Vehicles
The increasing electrification of the powertrain after 125 years of continuous development of the internal combustion engine will lead to reduced sound pressure levels of vehicle exterior noises. With this expected development road traffic noise affected persons in urban areas hope for quiet cities and a better quality of life in general.
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CEIIA – Eng.º Bernardo Ribeiro, Coordenador de I&D
Development of Electric Vehicles: New concepts and challenges
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Caetano Bus – Eng.º José Costa
The Caetano 2500 EL Electric Bus Project
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Andy Farnell
The sound design of 21st Century road vehicles
Traffic noise can be a nuisance, or it can save your life. In the interests of road safety minimum levels of vehicle noise emission have been proposed in the US. But what sound should a motor car, or bus, or bike make? In what ways can sound enhance and augment aspects of road safety and good driving?
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ACAPO – Jorge Leite
Carros híbridos e elétricos: Os riscos e as soluções
Fazendo referência a estudos internacionais, a ACAPO pretende analisar os riscos que os carros elétricos e híbridos podem representar para as pessoas com deficiência visual, quando esses veículos se deslocam a baixa velocidade.
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Addict - Dr. Pedro Carvalho Almeida
Design and industry? it sounds good!
“Bringing together design and industry to discuss silent vehicles sounds more than good, it sounds very good! This presentation will focus on the strategic dimension of design as means for either establishing or reinforcing bridges between creative practices and industrial developments.
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