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School of Arts | Catholic University 22nd to the 25th of May 2013 (During the 10th Black&White International Audiovisual Festival)

Submissions must be turned in until the 31st March 2013. To be considered, submitted works must be accompanied by an enrollment form containing information about the author and the work. All fields must be completed.


iNTERFACES is an Interactive Art Competition organized by the Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR), whose greater purpose is to value contemporary artistic practice in the areas of digital and interactive arts, thus contributing to further its development.

This competition arises from the need to promote contemporary digital artistic practice and interactive artworks by national and international artists. Under the general theme of the Interface (a system or device through which unrelated entities can interact), a variety of works are admitted to this competition: from audiovisual interactive installation to the Internet, from performance to electronic art, from virtual reality to interactive cinema, from sound installations to augmented architecture.

One of the competitions main objectives is to divulge the competing works to the general public, as well as to digital artists with participating works. This will take place during the 10th International Audiovisual Festival Black&White at School of the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University. A digital repository of the works will also be assembled, in order to give a general view of works created for international calls and competitions by artists from all over the world.


The mission of the iNTERFACES competition is:
- To support the creation of digital art and interactive works;
- To promote the diffusion of digital art and interactive works both to the general public and to specialized audiences, and to extend their visibility through the creation of a digital repository;
- To contribute to the evolution of the cultural sector of the digital arts as far as new artistic and cultural practices go. To initiate a public debate on these subjects through the competition and exhibition of digital art works;
- To educate new audiences and make this type of artistic creation known both to cultural organizations and universities.

The iNTERFACES competition has its headquarters at the School of the Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University.