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Week 2 (15th July)


10h00 : Catolica
11h00 : Porto Cruise Terminal
12h30 : Matosinhos (lunch)


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Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327



Foz do Douro Walk - .Explore the seafront of Porto


To fully discover Porto and its history you must go to Foz do Douro. Facing the Atlantic you'll be struck by an incredible quality of life, the utmost romantic walks where every evening sun and sea merge into one spectacular climax. These beaches proudly display the blue flag eco-label, a sign of high quality unpolluted seawater.


Take a stroll under the "Pergola da Foz" built in the 1930s. As the story goes, the Mayor of Porto’s wife at the time, had been so enchanted by the pergola of the "Promenade des Anglais » in the French town of Nice that she simply had to have the same in Porto. Here it is called the "Praia dos Ingleses" a reminder that the English (and other British citizens!) have always enjoyed a close relationship with Portugal.


Enjoy the beaches, walk, stroll with your lover, run, jog, sprint, race, or… pedal gently…as you like. Most of all, have fun ( ).


Porto Cruise Terminal
Norton de Matos Avenue (via Godinho Street), Matosinhos

Lat.: 41°10'37.00"N        Long.:  8°42'7.00"W



"PASSAGENS" - A Serralves Collection at the Porto Cruise Terminal"

The Porto Cruise Terminal hosts until September 17 the Exhibition "Passagens: A Coleção de Serralves no Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões". This is an amazing Serralves Collection Exhibition promoted by Serralves, the foremost museum for contemporary art in Portugal in a partnership with APDL and Matosinhos City Hall.

5€ normal
(3.5€ students)

Lunch Matosinhos




The connection to the sea is omnipresent while one strolls through the streets of Matosinhos; besides the bracing smell of the ocean and the calls of the gulls, fish is being grilled everywhere. Rua Heróis de França, a smoky street behind the docklands, is surrounded by warehouses and low-key, authentic restaurants, many of which grill the fish outside. On this road, our favorite is Salta O Muro, a simple restaurant with benches instead of chairs, very little in the way of decoration and obviously, plenty of fresh fish. The portions are quite abundant, especially the cod or turbot, but it’s also worth trying the stewed octopus rice or the caldeirada, a fish stew made with red and green peppers and potatoes. Just at a short metro or bus ride from Porto center, Matosinhos is the best source of fish in the region – particularly for design buffs who want to get off the beaten track.