Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

Number 4 - 2012

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Carlos Sena Caires


Sagres' Saga. Monument in Landscape, or Landscape as Monument? PDF
José Guilherme Abreu 11-25
The Memory of a Tree; An Interactive Visual Storytelling Installation PDF
Hyunjoo Oh 27-31
Short review of the relationship between videomusic and art PDF
Maria Donata Napoli 33-40
Warburg and Poliakoff, Movement and Style (a contribution to the contemporary study of images and paintings) PDF
João Ferreira Vale 41-47
17th century patterned azulejos from the Monastery of Santa Marta, in Lisbon PDF
Rosário Salema de Carvalho, Alexandre Pais, Ana Almeida, Inês Aguiar, Isabel Pires, Lúcia Marinho, Patrícia Nóbrega 49-59
Multiphonics as a Compositional Element in Writing for Amplified Guitar (2) PDF
Rita Torres, Paulo Ferreira-Lopes 61-69
The Transducer Function: An Introduction to a Theoretical Typology in Electronic Literature and Digital Art PDF
Álvaro Seiça 71-79


Meta Maus - A look inside a Modern Classic review PDF
sahra kunz 82-85
Ori Gersht This Storm Is What We Call Progress PDF
Paula Barriobero 86-88
Displacing Media: LCD LAB Artistic Residency PDF
Filipe Pais 89-91
A Note about Nome de Guerra: A Viagem de Junqueiro PDF
José Carlos Francisco Pereira 92-94

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