The Narratives of Juliana Huxtable and DeForrest Brown Jr.

  • João Ricardo Mateus Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto


Developed for the context of the V Narrative, Media, and Cognition Colloquium, this article focuses on the narratives generated by the works of Juliana Huxtable and DeForrest Brown Jr. With the intention of focusing on marginal productions, and using “Outwardly Coiling Context Collapse” by DeForrest Brown Jr. and “THERE ARE CERTAIN FACTS THAT CAN NOT BE DISPUTED” by Juliana Huxtable as case studies, this paper tries to understand what narratives try to be asserted, and how are they put in practice by these works. With the help of the contributions made by Patrícia Castello Branco and Levinas, the article concludes that the works of the artist’s move towards the creation of collective narratives with a clear social impact that simultaneously tries to steer away from a dominant historical narrative.
Marginalized Narratives - Special Issue