Review of "Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age, 1959-1989. Museum of Modern Art.



Author Biographies

Kendra Chilson, Carnegie Mellon University
Kendra Chilson has a Master’s of Science in Logic, Computation, and Methodology from the Philosophy Department at Carnegie Mellon University.  Her research interests include decision theory and the ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence.  Specifically, she is concerned with the interplay between norms of rationality and ethics in the development of artificial intelligence, and the possible ramifications of AI advancements for ethics, decision theory, and psychology.  In Fall 2018, she will begin a doctoral studentship at the Digital Ethics Lab of the Oxford Internet Institute on the special topic of “Ethics and AI: Challenges and Opportunities.”
Máté Szabó, Carnegie Mellon University
Máté Szabó earned his PhD in Logic, Computation and Methodology in the Philosophy Department at Carnegie Mellon University, where he is now a Postdoctoral Fellow. His main interests are in the history and philosophy of computing and mathematics. He is also interested in the cultural and societal impact of computers.