Real Time Web-based Toolbox for Computer Vision

Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi, Mohammed Amin Belarbi, Mohammed El Adoui, Mohammed Amine Larhmam, Fabian Lecron



The last few years have been strongly marked by the presence of multimedia data (images and videos) in our everyday lives. These data are characterized by a fast frequency of creation and sharing since images and videos can come from different devices such as cameras, smartphones or drones. The latter are generally used to illustrate objects in different situations (airports, hospitals, public areas, sport games, etc.). As result, image and video processing algorithms have got increasing importance for several computer vision applications such as motion tracking, event detection and recognition, multimedia indexation and medical computer-aided diagnosis methods. In this paper, we propose a real time cloud-based toolbox (platform) for computer vision applications. This platform integrates a toolbox of image and video processing algorithms that can be run in real time and in a secure way. The related libraries and hardware drivers are automatically integrated and configured in order to offer to users an access to the different algorithms without the need to download, install and configure software or hardware. Moreover, the platform offers the access to the integrated applications from multiple users thanks to the use of Docker (Merkel, 2014) containers and images.

Experimentations were conducted within three kinds of algorithms: 1. image processing toolbox. 2. Video processing toolbox. 3. 3D medical methods such as computer-aided diagnosis for scoliosis and osteoporosis.  These experimentations demonstrated the interest of our platform for sharing our scientific contributions related to computer vision domain. The scientific researchers could be able to develop and share easily their applications fastly and in a safe way.

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