Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Escola das Artes

Deadline: 01 February 2008


The Black&White Audiovisual Festival intends to celebrate the black and white
aesthetics as a specific, peculiar and unique kind of artistic expression.
The image capture in the digital technology is born with colours but the artist's intuition
often urges for the black and white production. This proves the newness and interest in
an aesthetic that can only be communicated through black and white. Besides, the
Black&White Audiovisual Festival also intends to promote the creation of soundscapes
related with the black and white aesthetics.
Therefore the inclusion of 3 competition sections: video, audio and photography.
It is necessary to educate the audience to the black and white specificity, to avoid the
prejudice that relates the black and white with fastidious and pretentious works.


The Festival will take place from April 2ND to 5TH 2008 at the Escola das Artes from the
Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Foz Campus in Oporto - Portugal.


3.1 - The competition is opened to works produced from January 1st, 2006 onwards.
Works that applied, last year, will not be admitted.
3.2 - Only black and white productions will be accepted. Exceptionally, colour inserts
can be used, whenever justified by the conception of the work. Still, it can never
subvert the black and white concept of the Festival.
3.3 - Each applicant can present no more than 3 works in a section (except in the
photography section where only one series can be presented). Each work presented
implies the subscription of one entry form.
3.4 - Only originals are admitted for selection. The applicant ascertains the authorship
and assumes the responsibility for any reclamation.
3.5 - Video, audio and photography works must be accompanied by the following
a) Entry form (signed and MSWORD);
b) Synopsis in English (maximum 40 words);
c) Photo of the applicant;
d) Credits;
e) Artistic Curriculum of the applicant.
These documents must be sent in digital format (CD-ROM with text in MSWORD and
photos in TIFF) along with the signed entry form.


- VIDEO (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and music video)

4.1. - VIDEO
- The running time must not exceed 20 minutes.
- The Festival will accept works applying for selection in fiction, documentary,
animation, experimental and music video.
- VHS and DVD video copies are admitted for pre-selection purposes (*.MOV, *.AVI,
and similar files, are not admitted).
- Nevertheless, the selected works must be presented in DV, miniDV, DVCam,
miniDVcam or Betacam SP (only in PAL system). DVD's will not be presented.
- All the videos spoken in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
- 3 photos or frames of the video (in TIFF inserted in the CD-ROM) must be sent a long
with all the documentation required.
4.2 - AUDIO
- The running time must not exceed 10 minutes.
- All works must be presented in Audio CD.
- In case of narration this should be in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French. If the
language is other than English we advice you to send along a written English
translation (MSWORD).
- The thematic issues are free. Nevertheless, the audio works must be adequate to the
Festival's concept.
- Photos must be in a series from 3 to 6 items with minimum length of 15x20 cm and
maximum of 20x25 cm.
- Photos with frames will not be admitted, including digital frames (such as margins).
- The photos can not be affixed in any kind of material. On the back, the author must
exclusively attach a sticker with the title of the series, date, name of the author and a
proposal of the orientation/sequence wanted for the exhibition.
- The photos must also be sent in digital format (in TIFF inserted in the CD-ROM).


- There is no fee for the enrolment.
- The enrolment's deadline is on February 1st 2008 (postal stamp).
- The enrolment elements must be sent to the following address:
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Escola das Artes
Festival Audiovisual Black&White
Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327, 4169-005 Porto
- The packages sent from outside the European Union must present the statement “No
commercial value - For cultural purposes only Value = Euros 0”.


- The pre-selection process will be announced by the Festival's Organization
approximately a month prior to the Festival.
- The Festival Committee's decision will be announced in the Festival's official site: The Festival will also notify the authors of the selected works.


- The Jury is composed by five members from several areas related to the audiovisual
- There will be no appeal to the decision of the Jury.


- During the Festival the works selected to competition will be presented to an
international Jury gathered for that effect.
- The Festival will contemplate the following trophies:
Best fiction video
Best documentary video
Best animation video
Best experimental video
Best music video
Best audio work
Best photography
Big B&W Prize
- The Jury can nullify the attribution of one or more trophies, if the quality required is
not attained. The Jury can also distinguish any work with a special award.
- From the Jury's decision there will be no appeal.
- The Festival's Committee can choose to attribute more prizes.


9.1 - All the works in competition can be presented in the means of social
communication (video and audio: until a maximum of 10% of the total duration of the
work), exclusively for promotion of the Festival on the month immediately before and
after the Festival.
9.2 – on the 365 days after the Festival, extensions can be promoted, in Portugal or in
any other country.


10.1 - The copies submitted to pre-selection will not be returned (VHS, DVD video,
Audio CD and photos).
10.2 - The Festival will create a file with all the applying works. This file can be
consulted exclusively for cultural and non commercial purposes.
10.3 - The selected applicants must pay for the shipping costs of the screening copies
(in DV, miniDV, DVCam, miniDVCam or Betacam SP - only in PAL system) and for any
promotional material (press releases, posters.) These screening copies will be returned
to the authors. By enrolling the author confers to the Festival's Committee the right to
make copies in order to build up the Festival's file.
10.4 - Considering all the legal issues, each applicant assumes full responsibility for the
works admitted in the Festival. The Festival's Committee will decline any sort of
responsibility, regarding authorship issues.
10.5 - All details and issues not expressed on these regulations will be decided and
communicated by the Festival's Committee.

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Festival Audiovisual Black&White
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