- Can I compete also with no audiovisual experience?

The application is open to all public, no matter its academic background or experience.

 - Should I have a production company?

It is not mandatory.

- Do I have to pay some kind of rate when submitting my work?

The festival's registration is free.

- The works should be 100% black and white?

Only black and white works are admitted. Exceptionally, the use of colour can be used strictly when justified by the work's conception and without distorting the Festival's concept.

- The work's subject is of free choice?

Yes, all work's subjects depend solely on the author's choice.

- Is it possible to compete submit a team work?

The author can be an individual or a group.

- Can I send more than one film per DVD?

Each DVD must have only one film.

- If I send my work on February 1st will it be accepted?

Works posted before or during the day of February 1st are accepted.

- Are there any age limitations to participate in the festival?

No. The Festival is open to the participation of all.

- Can deliver my work in person?

The works can be personally delivered at the Festival installations.

- Will the organization notify me as soon as my work arrives?

All works will be notified shortly after arriving.

- Can my submission to any category be accepted even though I don't send all the elements required (synopsis, photograph of the author, etc.)?

We only accept complete submissions with all the elements required on the regulations.




- In which format should I send my video if it is selected for competition?

We only accept the formats expressed in the regulations (DV, miniDv, DVCam, miniDVCam or Betacam SP), they will only be accepted in PAL system. Works in DVD format will not be exhibited.

- Can I compete with a film without subtitles?

All the works should be subtitled, except the ones made in English.

- The master of my exhibition film is in NTSC. If I am selected, can I send it in

NTSC system or must I convert it to PAL?

The works selected for competition have to be in PAL system.

 - Can I send a pre-edition of my video?

We accept works that are only missing a few editing details (on sound/image). In that case the authors should previously contact the festival.

- The video's maximum running time is included in the final credits?

Yes, the maximum time for each video work (20 minutes) already includes opening and final credits.




- Can I compete with a 12 minute work?

The maximum time for the audio works is 10 minutes.




- In a series of photos do all of them need to have a title?

The title is given to the series, not to each photo.

- Can I compete with digital photography?

Digital and ana logical photography are accepted.

- The photographic series should have a common subject?

The series should have a common subject and if it is not clear the author must clarify it.

- Can I compete with 15x20 cm size pictures?

The minimum size for each picture is 15x20 cm and the maximum is 20x25 cm.

- A manipulated photos within the pre-requisite parameters?

The festival accepts manipulated photos. Nevertheless, the transformation of the original medium should be explained by the author and have a conceptual fundament.